With all the hype around Eskom coping with the power crisis in the country, we find ourselves asking the question, do we still need “Alternative Power” like generators or solar systems?

Although the power crisis seems to be over we need to look at a few facts: The GDP growth rate in 2006 was close to 7% and is now sitting at -1% . Manufacturing production has in the recent past shown negative growth but has shown positive signs of growth in 2016.

With government making every effort to increase investor confidence and increase economic growth and manufacturing production in the country, it seems possible that we will pull out of this slump within the next 2 years.

What is going to happen when this turn around takes place, will Eskom be able to cope with the increasing demand? Even though many new power stations are starting to come online, I believe that our power problems are not a thing of the past. We still need to look at the fact that all machinery needs maintenance and this puts a huge strain on the grid when a boiler or a turbine is down for repairs. Also the ever ageing infrastructure and lack of basic maintenance still plagues us on a daily basis with Johannesburg alone suffering 11 outages every day.

Diesel generating sets are still the most convenient and efficient way of supplying power when you have a high load demand in your business, sometimes the cost of running these machines far outweighs the losses incurred with having now power, time and production lost can never be made up.

Over the last few years there has been a massive interest in Solar Power,why not? We have the perfect conditions for Solar Power. Although it’s still very expensive to run completely  “Off Grid”, solar power is however a perfect solution to supplement your supply and bring your electricity costs down. Solar Power is still a costly exercise and a long term investment but we need to look at the continually increasing cost of electricity versus the initial solar investment. Every time Eskom introduce a tariff increase, your solar system is paying itself off quicker. The cost of electricity is never coming down so once your solar system is paid off your’e saving money.

Backup Generators have a solution for you from industrial diesel generating sets to complete solar solutions for your home or your business.

We also protect your companies valuable equipment with a range of the world leading Sinetamer surge suppression systems with a 20 year replacement warranty.

Power Factor Correction systems to enable you to use your power more efficiently in your business and save you money on your utility bill.

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