Servicing & Maintenance

As with any vehicle or item which has an engine, maintenance plays a crucial part in making sure that your generator is always ready and waiting to take over the load when your electricity supply is interrupted.

We offer once off /annual services where all filters are changed, all fluids are drained from the machine and replenished, connections checked and tightened, a load test performed and the machine is cleaned. We take pride in our work and there’s nothing more satisfying to our team than to see a machine we’ve supplied in top shape.

There is also a contract option when it comes to maintenance. We know that life gets busy, so let us take care of your generator. Our contracts run on a yearly basis with either quarterly visits or monthly visits, client dependent. Quarterly visits consist of 3 preventative maintenance visits during the year where all fluid levels are checked, all connections tightened and a general check up of the machine. The 4th visit consists of a major service to the unit. Monthly visits work on the same principle and one of the visits will consist of a major service to the unit.

Garden & Irrigation Division

Backup Generators opened a Garden & Irrigation division in 2016 which stocks the Talon & Yamaha brand of lawnmowers, edge trimmers, chainsaws, solar lights and much more.

Come and visit our showroom @ 14 Vermooten Street, Brackenhurst, Alberton, 1448.

Maintenance Terms & Conditions:

a) A deposit amounting to 90% of the total value of the quotation will be required upon placement of the order from first time Customers and may also be required at Management’s discression.
The remaining balance is payable by no later than 48 hours after date of invoice.
Overdue C.O.D accounts are subject to interest of 10% per day.

b) Any additional work/components required which are not included in the original quotation will be an extra expense for the Client’s account.

c) Deposits are payable into the following bank account:
Account Name: Backup Generators cc
Branch: Alberton (631142)
Account No: 4064 105 747.
Kindly remit proof of payment via email to using your quotation number as a reference.

d) All prices quoted are subject to availability of parts and quantities required.

e) In conformity with the Consumer Protection Act, it is imperitave that all authorisations to carry out work or supply parts be conveyed to us in writing as we are unable to process any verbal orders.

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