Why do you need surge protection?

Studies have proven that up to 80% of all surges are transients that are generated internally within buildings, factories and offices and that only 20% are generated externally in the form of lightning and power utility surges.

Transients, spikes and surges…..these disturbances are the most destructive, costly and common power quality events in industry today. These events represent millions of rands a month in maintenance and production costs due to equipment failures, lost profits and losses due to opportunity costs. Over the years as virtually all equipment has become increasingly microprocessor based, such failures are more recurrent and more costly.

Other events such as fluctuations, blackouts and harmonics cause significant problems that are without a doubt disruptive, however as compared to transients, are much lower in actual damages.

Why do I need Sinetamer?

  • Cut annual maintenance electrical and/or electronic costs and provide the benefit of return of investment that typically ranges from 3 – 18 months.
  • Up to 25 year guarantee against all failures by an electrical anomaly, including lightning.
  • The best performing commercially available suppressor on the market today.
  • ISO9001 manufactured devices for AC/DC power, data, current loop and telecommunications applications from 0.5V to 6900V.
  • Industry leading design and performance with 20 years of on hand, real world field experience.
  • User friendly and easy installation.

How does Sinetamer work?

  • Optimal Response Circuitry: Designed to mitigate repetitive high energy impulse transients generated by lightning, power system faults and load switching.
  • Optimal Sinewave Tracking: Employing multi stage hybrid technology suppressing internally generated ringwave transients down to harmless levels.
  • Circuit Encapsulation: Advanced circuit encapsulation technology as a means of enhancing the performance and durability of electronic and electrical circuits.
  • The Discrete “All Mode” Protection Advantage: Complete line of products offering the 10 modes for 3 phase 4 wire WYE and Delta circuits while other manufacturers are offering a reduced 7 or 4 mode system.
  • Brute strength and refined performance: Models provide the refined performance levels necessary to safeguard delicate microprocessor based electronics, allowing your critical systems to stay up and running.

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