Electrical Panels

Each generator we supply comes with an electrical panel, be it an intricate setup or the most basic of set up’s:

Automatic Mains Panel

The first type of common panel we supply is an Automatic Mains Failure panel, or better known as AMF. In this instance, the panel comprises of contactors, circuit breakers, surge protection and a generator controller which acts as the “brain” of the generator. This controller monitors the electricity supply and when there is a power cut, the controller signals the engine to start up and take over the load. Once the main electricity supply returns, the controller signals the engine to cool down and then the engine will shut down and go into standby mode.

Base Load Panel

The 2nd type of panel is a manual start panel, or better known as a Base Load panel. In this case, when there is a power failure, the user would need to press a button on the generator to start the unit and when the electricity supply returns, the user would press another button on the controller to shut the unit down.
Both types of panels have monitoring options where the generator would shut down and present an alarm condition if the water level is too low, the engine overheats or the oil level is low. The controller shuts the engine down immediately to prevent damage to the engine.

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